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Day-care Centre
Primary & Lower Secondary Stage
High School

It’s All About The Kids

Science -Smart School of Sofia provides education for children from 2 yrs to 18 yrs of age.

The school follows a bilingual STREAM programme (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering,  Art, Mathematics), based on Cambridge EYFS, Primary and Secondary International Curriculum.

Licensed by MoE: as Private Secondary School “Nauka za deca”.

Accreditation by Cambridge International grants Universitiеs recognized, International diploma at graduation.

We rise by lifting others

The programme aims to develop the values, knowledge, and competencies that will enable students to live full and satisfying lives. 

The programme focuses on students wellbeing and covers all its aspects: emotional, physical and social life perspectives, etc., adequate to the specific age group. 

Day-care Centre

Age 2-5 yrs

  • Children explore and develop an understanding of the world around them through observation and experiential learning activities (hands-on, brains-on);
  • Teamwork and problem solving skills are being developed;
  • Fine motor skills and early reading skills (Phonics), set the base of children’s early literacy in both languages.
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Age 5 - 7 yrs.

  • Advancing MoE curriculum with 1 year ahead and complete coverage of Cambridge International curriculum;
  • Focus on teamwork and problem solving skills;
  • Writing and reading skills and literacy in both languages are developed upon completion of Preschool level.
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Primary & Lower Secondary

1st to 7th Grade

  • Bilingual STREAM programme and advanced upgrade of the MoE curriculum;
  • Cambridge curriculum with a rigorous approach to guided inquiry based learning of science;
  • Building key competences - a combination of attitudes, skills and knowledge that students develop and apply;
  • Strong school community, engaging extracurricular activities and diverse school cultural events.
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High School

8th - 12th grade

  • Combines best practices of Bulgarian and British education; both diplomas upon graduation;
  • Counselling Centre supports students in the critically important task to choose University right;
  • Three profiles: Natural Science/Math; Social Science/Lit; Business and Computer Science;
  • Project-based learning fosters entrepreneurial spirit and sustainable  behaviour;
  • Advanced classes in all subjects, incl. Finance, Environmental Mgmt, Marketing etc.
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We are happy to welcome you in our growing family!

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