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Spring Science Tournament

Science-Smart School of Sofia will be holding a competition for young explorers in third to seventh grade at the schoolrooms and laboratories of our secondary school (Sofia Tech Park) on the 20-th April 2024.

The Science for Kids Spring Tournament is open to students who are in third to еighth grade at any Bulgarian school and are keen on science and social studies. The young explorers will compete in a battle of knowledge and logic and will have the opportunity to show their skills in two individual rounds and one team round.

The official language to be used at the tournament will be Bulgarian.

To enter the competition:

The Spring Science Tournament consists of two individual rounds and one team round for each of the two age categories:

The competition will take place on 20-th April between 10:30 AM and 4:30 PM

We expect all entrants at SMART Science (Sofia Tech Park campus) at 10:00 AM.

Breaks between rounds and lunch will be provided.

Please, find enclosed:

Children will be able to show their theoretical knowledge and its practical application in areas of study related to science and social studies.

The questions and challenges are based on what has been studied by the relevant age category.

Children will also compete in the round of experiments carried out by the science teachers at Science-Smart School of Sofia, namely Silviya Kotseva, Veronika Koleva, Nikolay Teoharov, Nelly Ivanova, Tiberius Baramov, Boyan Petrov and Dimitar Zhelev, PhD.

Participation in the team round is optional and does not affect the individual score.

Each team will consist of 5 entrants in the relevant age category. Teammates can be from different schools.

The teams will face exciting scientific challenges testing their teamwork skills, wit, and knowledge.

For all students in 7th Grade:

Science for Kids Spring Competition serves as round 1 of the admission competition for SMART Science in March. You can find the admission procedure for the high school here

Judges and prizes

Performance of competition entrants will be judged by the science teachers at Izzi Science for Kids - Silviya Kotseva, Veronika Koleva, Nikolay Teoharov, Nelly Ivanova, Tiberius Baramov, Boyan Petrov and Dimitar Zhelev, PhD. Prizes will be awarded to those entrants who have delivered the best performance in the individual and team competition. Prizes will suit any young scientist.


The closing date for applications is 10 April, 2024. You can find the entry form here.

Registration will end prior to 10 April in case the number of participants reaches 150.

Моля, имайте предвид, че за първа година Пролетен турнир "Наука за деца" ще се проведе в сградата на гимназията ни, разположена в София Тех Парк (гр. София, бул. "Цариградско шосе" № 111Ж).

София Тех Парк предоставя платен (открит и закрит) паркинг за посетители. Престоят е безплатен в рамките на 30 минути.

Good luck to all young explorers!

Let's find out what happened last year:

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