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Math Tournament

The traditional Science for Kids Summer Math Tournament will be held on May 18th 2024, Saturday. All students who are in third to eight grade and are keen on mathematics are invited to participate in the tournament.

The official language to be used at the competition will be Bulgarian.

To enter the competition:

Participants are divided into three age categories:

The math tournament on May 18th will start at 10:00 a.m.

Its duration will be 90 minutes for all participants. We expect all entrants at Izzi Science for Kids Private Secondary School (Sofia Teh Park) at 9:45 a.m.

The competition for Grades 3-6 consists of 8 problems that are suitable for a wide range of students. The solutions of the problems do not imply additional theoretical preparation. Unconventionally formulated, these problems provoke students' interest in mathematical competitions. The regulation of the tournament respects the taste and the preferences of the participants - they do not need to solve all the problems; the participant’s result is calculated on the bases of the three problems for which he/she has collected the highest number of points. The mission of the tournament for the students from Grades 3-6 is to encourage them to solve mathematical problems for pleasure and not forced by competitive ambition.

For all students, the Science for Kids Summer Math Tournament is the first round of the SMART Science high school admission competition in May 2024. You can find the admission procedure for the high school HERE.

The tournament consists of mathematical problems included in the general education curriculum as well as problems suitable for competitions challenging students’ creativity and logical thinking.

Judges and prizes

Students with the best results will be presented with certificates and will be invited to participate in the Summer Math Week during the Izzi Summer Academy. The results will be announced on June 1.


The closing date for applications is 12 May 2024. You can find the entry form here.

Good luck to all young mathematicians!
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