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Izzi Science for kids is a project of a team of independent teachers. We sparkle the kids' interest in science from their early years. The team works currently with the national teams representing Bulgaria on international competitions in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


Никола Каравасилев

Nikola Karavasilev


Nikola holds an MA in Astrophysics from Sofia University. He is currently teaching Physics and Astronomy at First Private Mathematics High School. Furthermore, for more than 10 years he has been helping students from different cities to win prestigious international competitions and Olympiads.

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Наско Стаменов

Nasko Stamenov


Nasko is a science communicator with a research history in Nanotechnology, skilled in Science education. He is currently teaching Chemistry at the National High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Nasko leads Bulgarian student teams that participate in world science competitions

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Димитър Желев

Dimitar Zhelev, PhD


Dimitar is Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski since 2017. He has participated in many international projects and expeditions. He is the author of books and articles and a co-founder of the website

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Явор Денчев

Yavor Denchev


Yavor Denchev earned his BSc and MSc in Microbiology from the University of Victoria, Canada. He teaches at the Anglo-American School in Sofia and provides science club activities to kids aged 4 to 9 years in different schools. Yavor has many years of experience working with children in Canada, too.

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Таня Димитрова

Tanya Dimitrova

Anatomy and Biology

Tanya has big expertise as an anatomy and biology teacher at an American school. She was an assistant cardiologist at the American army, also an editor of a science magazine for kids and a dance teacher. Tanya earned her BSc from London University and MSc from Berkeley University, California.

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Нели Иванова

Nelly Ivanova

Science Teacher

Nelly earned BSc of Journalism and MSc from the Department of Physics at Sofia University. She has completed several internships in NASA, CERN, and an observatory in the Netherlands. Nelly is one of the authors of educational programs at Muzeiko children’s science centre, where she spent 4 years as an educator.

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Bulgarian history

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Bulgarian geography

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Arts and Sports


Elina Dashina


Elina has international experience bringing music to the hearts of many children and inspiring their passion for music and boosting their potential. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”                  Plato

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Младен Бобев

Mladen Bobev

Rock music

Rock music runs in Mladen Bobev’s veins, who has extensive experience as a music pedagogue. As a guitar and vocal skills teacher, he provokes children’s abilities and desires to play and sing their favorite songs.

Мария Асса

Maria Assa


Art teacher Maria Assa has graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia and has been doing art classes for children of different age since 2007. She takes a creative approach towards different techniques and materials and combines them with the children’s imagination in an artistic way.

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Константин Костадинов

Konstantin Kostadinov


Konstantin has graduated in Puppetry in the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. Currently he participates in plays with the drama and puppet theatre in Pazarzhik. With his talent as an actor he introduces kids to the magical world of the stage arts.

Капка Георгиева

Kapka Georgieva


Kapka, a dance teacher, has trained children from 3 to 15 for over 12 years. She works with a lot of passion and always takes an individual approach to each child. Find out why it is important for children to dance and how dance becomes a workout of emotion and character.

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Martin Assev


Through dancing, Martin motivates the students to be more confident when performing in front of an audience. He is one of the co-founders of the uMove dance school where children and adults have been practising dancing for more than 10 years.

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Lachezar Rangelov


Mr. Rangelov is a former volleyball player and he has got extensive experience as a youth volleyball coach (CSKA and „Levski“), achieving success at national and international contests. He teaches sports at the Technical University. He has been working as a PE teacher at several prestigious schools.

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Sport Teacher

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Alexander Buyukliev

Aikido Sensei

Alexander has achieved 4th dan in Aikido and 1st dan in Jiu-Jitsu and is one of the instructors at CHOWA martial arts school. He is a certified Jiu-Jitsu instructor from the National Sports Academy.

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Vladimira Dinova

Primary Teacher

Vladi has 20 years of experience as a primary teacher where her competence lies into the core subjects math and Bulgarian language and literature. On the job she follows the rule: what cannot be achieved with hard work, can be accomplished with love and support.

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Новка Тодорова

Novka Todorova

Primary Teacher

For Novka Todorova teaching a young student is a mission. She thinks that love and great patience are essential for the real teacher and their everyday life is a journey full of adventures.

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Primary Teacher

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Primary Teacher

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Лиляна Демебукова

Lilyana Demebukova

Primary Mathematics

Experienced primary mathematics teacher with over 30 years of expertise. She helps little students to develop their logical and rational skill and to tackle every hard question as a challenge that they can complete.

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Даниела Богданова

Daniela Bogdanova

Primary Bulgarian language

Daniela Bogdanova has 25 years of expertise in teaching Bulgarian language and literature at private and state schools. She combines creative ideas to present the material in an intractive and attractive way. She inspires kids to love reading and good books.

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Primary World Literature

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Sevdalina Manova

Primary English

Sevdi has graduated BSc Degree in English Philology at SWU, Montessori teacher’s Training in MCI London and MSc in Speech Therapy in Sofia University. She has got diverse experience in childcare and teaching English as a foreign language.

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British_Council_logo_one_colour (1)

British Council

Primary English

We work in close cooperation with British Council Bulgaria. Their highly-qualified teacher provides the English language classes for the children 2nd to 4th grade. The teacher is available for our students every school day during the school year.


Vanya Dimitrova

English Primary Math

Vanya has 20 years of experience as a Math teacher in the USA, working for one of the leading schools in Houston, Texas. Vanya has a Master’s degree in civil engineering, but later trained for a teacher. Her work as a teacher is what gives her energy and satisfaction.

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English Primary Math

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Албена Качамакова

Albena Kachamakova

Pre-School Teacher

Albena is an experienced primary teacher of pre-school groups. She has been teaching kids in primary and pre-primary school for more than 10 years. Her passion is mountain hiking and she regularly shares with the kids the beauty of nature that she captures with her camera.

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Velimira Dimova

Pre-School Teacher

Working as a preschool teacher Velimira invests great love and patience into the classroom. She has been a primary teacher at a state school and currently, she is in charge of the mathematics classes in pre-school groups.

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Pre school Teacher

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Teodora Ivanova

Izzi Start Key Teacher

Teodora Ivanova is a certified primary teacher and a Montessori teacher. A few years ago after she decided to change her career path, she figured out that working with children 3 to 6 years old inspires and motivates her.

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Diyana Nikolova

Izzi Start - Nursery Teacher

Diana is a young educator with a caring attitude towards children. For the past years, she has been looking after and educating children in preschool age. As an assistant-teacher, she caters for the student’s needs with great care and respect.

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Izzi Start - MoE Teacher

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Mariya Hristova

Office manager

Mariya is one of the first people that greets the children at school. With a smile and a lot of motivation, she uses her organisational skills to administratively keep the school in order and at peace.


Ralitsa Velcheva

Chief Accountant

After graduating in Accountancy in UNWE, Ralitsa never took a break from practising her profession. She actively participates in the work with documents and invoices with responsibility and strong motivation. 


Petya Goranova

Marketing manager

Petya graduated in Journalism and after a few years working for leading daily newspapers, she found her passion for marketing. That is why she specialised in advertising management and digital marketing.


Галина Ташкова

Galina Tashkova

Administrative Director

Galina Tashkova is an excellent professional with extensive educational expertise. Her teaching experience of primary grades is more than 15 years long. For more than 18 she has been occupied as deputy director of a large state school.

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Doroteya Voeva

Managing Director

Доротея Воева е управител и създател на училище Izzi Science for Kids. Нейният опит като финансист и бизнес опитът й допълват екипа от квалифицирани педагози и учители по науки, които са специалисти в своите области.

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STEAM Programme Director

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