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8 - 12


Welcome to our high school!

At Science-Smart School of Sofia, we make sure that our secondary students maintain their inquisitiveness, developed in earlier school years, as we introduce them to new complex matters, ideas and skills. We continue to emphasise on comprehensive language literacy and broad science knowledge, higher math skills, but gradually shift the focus onto research and interpretation of data and facts as well as introducing four major subjects:

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching

A master class in Entrepreneurship and Project Management is being introduced for all high-school students, as a practical expression of what the above mentioned subjects teach them. Thus, students will apply the knowledge obtained through the standard curriculum to solve real social and economic problems of the modern world.

Goals of the master class:

Students will develop:

  • new skills for applying knowledge and facts
  • debating skills and algorithmic thinking
  • creative thinking and ability to find working innovative solutions (the 360° approach)
  • key soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, collaboration and others.



  • Weekly classes for all students in grades 8-12.
  • Work in small groups; each team develops a separate project.
  • The whole process will be facilitated by a project management expert.
  • Guest-lecturers and mentors will share their expertise in various areas: finance, science, technologies, time-management, planning, communication, etc.
  • Closing stage: presentation of the projects’ outcomes at an official event with guests and judges (Science Innovation Quest); students will receive Certificates of Achievement.

Students follow simultaneously the MoE and Cambridge International – Cambridge Upper Secondary and Cambridge Advanced curriculums, thus upon graduation they achieve and earn Bulgarian Highschool Diploma and Cambridge International Diploma.

All courses are advanced and aim to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be accepted and succeed at the university of their choice.

Highschool students study a wide range of academic subjects in preparation for the IGCSE/University examinations. Our students learn to apply knowledge and understanding to new and familiar situations, to enquire intellectually and develop cultural awareness as global citizens. Our dedicated teachers provide a personalised learning experience for every student to meet their needs, celebrate their strengths and grow their interests.

Bulgarian National Curriculum

       All students take weekly the required by MoE subjects beyond the     required by the Bulgarian National curriculum number of classes.

Students` Welness Program

    In addition to the weekly academic classes, students visit daily at least one of the above activities.

The adventure of life is to learn
Profiles available for A level students

There are three profiles available for students in 11 and 12 grade with range of subjects and courses that can help achieve desired subject concentration and thus University placement or career:

→ Choosing a subject to study at degree level is one of the most important decisions a student will make and the adequate choice requires substantial awareness in the subject matter. It is important to be able to research and to decide what's right for you.

→ Students aiming for a top-ranked university must not only achieve highest grades, but also be able to demonstrate a wide range of skills and knowledge beyond the conventional school curriculum. 

→ Extracurricular activities are important marker for the Universities Acceptance committees. Universities would like to here how their students diverse backgrounds and experiences together will better the lives of others; how students work to improve their communities in different ways, from tackling the world’s biggest challenges to being a good neighbour and friend; how they have collaborated with people who are different to contribute to a project, cause, community.

Extracurricular Programme for GCSE Students

The programme takes students well beyond the GCSE syllabus by giving them more in-depth insight into various career paths and developing more profound knowledge and skills that will set them apart at A level and later at university. These skills include critical thinking, independent research and learning, public speaking and industry knowledge in a range of potential careers. Entrepreneurial spirit is being nurtured and supported throughout the programme.

A good teacher teaches from the heart
The influcence of a good teacher can never be erased

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