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What we study

Izzi Science for Kids follows the Ministry of Education and Science’s requirements as well as the Cambridge Primary’s STREAM curriculum. In the ages 5 to 13 years old the students are exceptionally inquisitive about what happens in the world around us and why. Everything that has to do with nature, they find enticing, and the bigger, the louder and the more elusive it is, the more fascinated they are. It is of great importance to make use of this curiosity as an instrument in the study process and as a base that key competencies can be built upon.

Частно начално училище Izzi Science for Kids библиотека

Cambridge Primary’s STREAM Curriculum

Cambridge Primary combines a world-class curriculum for 5 to 13-year-old students with teacher support of great quality and integrated assessment. The curriculum is intended to facilitate the development of confident, responsible, thinking, innovative and engaged students. Cambridge Primary has curriculums in the following subjects: English (including English as a foreign language), mathematics and science, that invite the students to take action and to create.

We have chosen an appropriate STREAM curriculum to enrich the kids’ knowledge and improve their self-awareness.

Requirements of MoE

In Izzi Science for Kids we are making an effort to build upon the obligatory curriculum by the Ministry of Education and Science by adding more classes in Bulgarian language and literature and mathematics. The school offers sufficient time to practice and deepen the knowledge in the topics covered. The goal is to build not only basic literacy but also functional literacy. Some of the time is particularly dedicated to studying and discussing additional books as well as solving problems that help the kids develop logical thinking.

We are making an effort to introduce new material in such a way that the students will actively look for new knowledge so that we can create and promote stable and lasting interdisciplinary connections. Creative writing and discussions with contemporary writers are key accents in the language development process. Applied mathematics and logical thinking are in the core of the mathematics curriculum.


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