Izzi Start Day-care Centre

The family of Izzi Science for Kids is growing. Izzi Start Day-care Centre welcomes kids who are 2 to 5 years old, following the Cambridge International curriculum for this age level.

We believe that children should receive well-designed education and good care in a safe and stimulating environment from an early age. This is how we approach the preparation of our future students.

Izzi Start


Experiential learning (including hands-on and brains-on techniques) is an exceptionally important method for the development of children of all ages. Following the Cambridge International curriculum, children learn while being engaged in various subject-related activities and games which are fun and foster their social and academic development. Teachers support the process of learning with dedication and respect to the individual needs of each child, creating a safe, engaging and encouraging environment.

Children achieve different levels of development that include specific essential skills and knowledge when they are ready, supported by their teachers and families and assisted in building confidence.  

2 - 3 Years Old

During this important year, children explore the world around them through observation, experimentation, solving problems suitable for their age and real experiences. The teachers’ efforts and the curriculum aim at building children’s confidence and developing fundamental skills for behaviour and self-control.

Izzi Start
Izzi Start

4 to 5 Years Old

Children continue developing physically and socially and gaining knowledge. The classes in Bulgarian and English language, mathematics, music, arts and experimental science stimulate children’s eagerness to learn, think and present their creative ideas. Working in small groups allows the teachers to follow the curriculum while paying individual attention to each child. The activities for fine motor skills development and reading (Phonics) foster children’s early literacy in both languages.

The teachers include experienced preschool educators, a speech therapist, a psychologist, a choreographer, a nurse and a science teacher.

Izzi Start is located in the proximity of Izzi Science for Kids school, at 10, Angel Karalijchev Str.

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