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Global Perspectives


Key aspects

Cambridge Global Perspectives develops transferable skills that support learners in their studies and in their everyday life. These skills will support them in their studies in secondary education and prepare them for university and beyond. Learners develop skills through age-appropriate and engaging activities that are based on a broad range of topics. They explore personal, local and global perspectives to make sense of, and feel connected to, the world around them. Learners make informed decisions about the information they read, hear and see on global issues, identifying different perspectives and arguments.

Cambridge Global Perspectives & Research aims to develop learners by:

  • Acknowledge and understand the diversity of perspectives on global issues
  • Develop the ability to evaluate claims and evidence
  • Make independent judgements supported by reasoning and evidence, and understand the importance of justifying their own opinions
  • Become effective researchers, using appropriate sources to support judgements and understanding of research processes
  • Develop their ability to reflect on their own learning and judgements and on their work with others
  • Develop a range of effective written and spoken communication skills

Програма за здраве и благосъстояние на учениците

The important think is not to stop questioning

By studying global issues, learners will broaden their own understanding and respect for different cultures and perspectives. They will be encouraged to develop, scrutinise and present their own points of view with confidence. They will learn technical skills such as how to deconstruct and reconstruct arguments, and interpretative skills such as reflecting on the implications of their research and analysis.

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