Information for the Candidates

Thank you for your interest in Izzi Science for Kids Primary School and Izzi Start Day-care Centre.

Your application form is well received. You will soon receive a response by email for scheduling an appointment with us and with an invitation for a trial day for your child.

Please also check your Spam folder – sometimes our emails land there.  

Частно начално училище Izzi Science for Kids двор
Trial Days – Organisation

The trial days for the candidates of all ages are an important part of the admission process for Izzi Science for Kids and Izzi Start. We recommend that the children attend the classes of at least one school day (from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm). They join the daily activities of the respective age groups, get to know the other kids and the teachers, and experience the atmosphere of our school.

For the trial days, please prepare the following:

  • Kids in the Day-care Centre (2 to 4 years old) will need clean shoes to use inside, a change of clothes, and pyjamas.
  • Kids in the preschool groups (5 and 6 years old) and the students in 1st grade will need clean shoes to use inside and a water bottle.
  • The students in grades 2 to 6 will need water bottles.

Applicants’ parents will receive detailed feedback from our school’s representative at the end of the trial day.

While waiting for our email message, you can learn more about Izzi Science for Kids and Izzi Start Day-care Centre:



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