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International Young Physicist’s Tournament (IYPT)

Students competing in IYPT have to solve different scientific and research problems. They are judged by their ability to defend ideas during scientific discussions called physics battles.

Participants from each team take on different roles during the competition – reporter, opponent and reviewer. In the different rounds of the tournament, they will challenge and evaluate each other. As the challenges here are specific, the IYPT is quite different than most other science Olympiads.

The leader of the Bulgarian national team is Nikola Karavasilev. Students are preparing for both the national and the international tournament in the school laboratory. They do interesting experiments and develop many long-term projects. Several scientific publications were developed based on experiments conducted in the school and been published afterwards.

Results by years:

2022 г.

The preparation of the national team that will represent our country in Romania is underway. Leader is Nikola Karavasilev.

2021 г.

The team performed well on the 34th IYPT. Our high-school competed with teams from Europe and Asia. The tournament was held in Kutaisi, Georgia.

2019 г.

The Bulgarian team had a strong performance in the 2019IYPT. Our competitors were only three points away from the bronze medals. The good results of our high school students put them ahead of teams from the UK, Russia, Australia, USA, and the hosts from Poland.

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