Support for science Olympians:

Izzi Science for Kids proudly supports the students in the Bulgarian science teams. With Olympic spirit and exceptional talent, they surpass some of the best schools in the world.
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The school provides the science teams with the resources of its laboratories. In it, they can perform experiments on a higher level than most school, as its equipment is as good as it can possibly be. Several scientific publications, based and written on experiments made in the school laboratory have been published.

Tournaments supported by the school:

International Young Naturalist`s Tournament (IYNT)

Students in IYNT do not solve problems, but rather look for solutions on specific research problems. To be successful, they should design experiments, analyze data and defend the results as a team. The tournament is a chance for them to experience the world of science, but also prove themselves as successful in different fields of science. As the challenges here are specific, the IYNT is quite different than all other science Olympiads.

International Young Physicist’s Tournament (IYPT)

Students competing in IYPT have to solve different scientific and research problems. They are judged by their ability to defend ideas during scientific discussions called physics battles.

Participants from each team take on different roles during the competition – reporter, opponent and reviewer. In the different rounds of the tournament, they will challenge and evaluate each other. As the challenges here are specific, the IYPT is quite different than all other science Olympiads.

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