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Nikola Karavasilev

Physics is how the Universe operates

MA in Astrophysics, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.
Preparation of secondary-school students for the National and International competitions in Physics, Astronomy and other sciences.
Leader of national teams, representing Bulgaria in several international competitions like International Olympiad of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) and International Young Naturalists Tournament (IYNT). Finalist at the Fame Lab Competition,organised by British Council, Bulgaria.
Nikola was a night assistant on the 2-meter telescope in the National Astronomical observatory Rozhen, during his university years.
He is currently teaching physics and astronomy courses in First Private Mathematical high school in Sofia.


Dimitar Zhelev, PhD

Geography is a journey

In 2003 Dimitar represented Bulgaria on the World Geography competition organised by National Geographic in Tampa, Florida. A year later he participated in the world Olympic competition, organised by the World International Geography Union, Poland.

In 2012 as a teacher at the American College in Sofia he is awarded the Irwin T. Sanders award for high achievements of a young teacher, and in 2014 he was titled Teacher of the year. 

In 2013 Dimitar represented Bulgaria in the Hall of Fame, European Researchers night, at the Science museum, London. In 2015 he won the FameLab All Stars in Bulgaria. Since 2017 he has been Assistant professor at the Sofia University, Department of Geography.  Dimitar has participated in many international projects and expeditions. He is the author of books, articles and co-founder of


Nasko Stamenov

Chemistry is the recipe of life

Еxperienced science demonstrator, with research history in Nanotechnology, skilled in Science Education.

Nasko participates in the Rapid Fire Squad of BASF and their Chemgeneration Lab for demonstration in schools.  He took part in the Mad scientist festival 2014 in Switzerland.

Prepares the National team for the International young naturalist tournament IYNT
In 2018 wins the Science on stage competition.

Currently teaching chemistry courses in National Gymnasium of Natural Sciences and Mathematics .


Yavor Denchev

Biology is the science of life

Yavor Denchev earned his BSc and MSc in Microbiology from the University of Victoria, Canada. Not the typical scientist, he has extensive experience in the children entertainment industry in both Canada and Bulgaria. Therefore, his goal is to show that science is not an unattainable pile of dry formulae and bland figures; on the contrary, science is exciting, interesting and useful. It is essentially a way of thinking that paves the way to new horizons and develops invaluable skills in children.
Yavor teaches at the Anglo-American School in Sofia and provides science club activities to kids aged 4 to 9 years in different schools.


Isabelle Basmadjian

Art says it all

Founder of Isabelle's Mingle-Mangle, creative artist and blogger, Isabelle loves to share ideas and art projects to motivate the children's natural curiosity. Through the world of imagination and creativity, she will guide the little ones to explore their own boundaries and will support them to be independent artists.


Elina Dashina

Music is a dream

Elina has an international experience bringing music to the hearts of many children and inspiring their passion for music and boosting their potential.

Eli performing on stage

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”



Callum McBrayne


Over a period of 10 years he has worked with professional, semi-professional, amateur and youth teams.
Being a football and tennis coach in different formats in terms of professional skills and abilities from youth teams to leisure resort sport activities, taught him that sport should be made accessible to everyone and that everybody is unique in their gifted way. 

While working with world Wide Kids, he did realise that Football is an art, especially when put in the arms of a child that has been trusted to organise the playground in the most unique way. Children follow him and it is his duty and honour to teach them how to be gentlemen on the field.


Coming soon

Literature is the beauty of mind

Our Literature teacher is the real kids whisperer, guiding their imagination through the world of words.

Knowing how to read and how to express your feelings and thoughts is a must, but to find out the story behind the letters, words and grammar, and styles and to take the journey in your heart and mind through the world of the famous classical works and Bulgarian poets and writers, through Bulgarian, that is an adventure worth taking.


Stanislav Bogdanov, PhD

Academic Director

Chair of the Programme Committee of the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures at NBU and Managing Editor of an international academic journal.

Over 25 years of local and international experience in teaching and research, delivering regular training workshops and full-fledged courses to students, teachers and lecturers, developing specific curricula and aligning syllabi with international standards.

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