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Sincere respect for the child as a developing person, with self-driven curiosity, desire to learn and discover, and ability to master skills in an environment that has been prepared to allow him/her to develop at his/her own pace, without pressure or frustration.

The School

Our School curriculum is carefully selected.

We are not restricted by MoE programme and we  extend the learning horizons by using alternative approach and methodology to transmit the knowledge and ignite the natural curiosity and interest of the children.

We keep a good sight at the exit performance of the Students not only the tempting entrance and the bright being in it.



Clubs and Fun

Variety of after school activities available. Most of them are freely included in the monthly enrollment fees of our full time students. Read more...


International Competition team

The kids in the Bulgarian national science teams have Olympic spirit and extraordinary talent. They outperform some of the best schools in the world including science teams with traditions from Singapore and Russia.

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